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Thanks for your interest in CREB Engineering.. We are a High Performance Engine / machine shop based company that was started in 1967 as a mom and pop local area based company that has now grown into a world-wide company that ships to almost anywhere in the world. We have a complete line of custom high performance crate engines which include almost any 4cyl thru 8cyl+ gas and diesel applications. We also have a complete in house machine shop with a custom camshaft profiling computer and a Super Flow 1020 flow bench for testing cylinder heads and intakes for all our crate engine combinations. In addition to our engine based business we also have a one of a kind car/engine parts business that involves using our buying power to buy parts and then sell them to our customers 99% of the time cheaper then any mail order company. For more information

Our basic build is A 331/347ci style ford Crate motor starts with a base of what is listed below and then we can change anything in it to best fit you. We also build all 4340 forged internal engines as well in ci ranges of 302-354ci in a stock 302 style block or 351w base stock block of 351-434ci. And if we use a Dart block and custom internals then budget will determine size. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thanks 347 Ford Engine with TrickFlow Heads, Free S&H. This is a fresh HO 347 Ford engine that will make up to 500hp and 500 ft. pounds of torque depending on headers/intake/carb/etc.The better the parts the better the HP out of this engine. It comes with a set of PBM full 1.6 roller rockers, Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads with after market springs and a roller TFS roller cam. The block has been race prepped which includes decked, square bored, and honed with deck plates. It is bored a max of .030 over and comes with new SRP forged pistons. The compression ratio is 9:6 to 1, The crank is new Eagle 5140 steel crank that has a 3400 stroke the connecting rods are new set of floated pin 5.400 SIR eagles brand as well. The engine is a 28oz balance but we can do these in a 50 or 0 as well (please ask) This also has a double roller timing chain in it and TFS main girdle and a set of ARP head bolts. Also we build each one of these custom for you so if you want it a different color or need a different timing cover or oil pan just let me know. We ship these with the correct sheet metal on them so the installation is a breeze. .(engine ships 1-3 weeks after payment) Shipping over seas will be charged extra please ask before buying if it applies, Thanks) I can ship this for FREE to the nearest trucking terminal near you or to a place of business where they can unload it from a truck (free of charge) and only in the US but not to Alaska or Hawaii. For more information 

please feel free to email, text or call us at 1-401-710-9405 for the shop and 401-300-1172 for the cell 


We are always looking for 302/351w Roller  Blocks, If you have any to sell or trade please contact us.

1-401-710-9405 for the Shop and ask for Jerrame


 Text me anytime with questions 1-401-300-1172 and for daytime ordering call me at 1-401-300-1172

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 We Specialize in Small Block FORD V8 Engine Builds from stock replacement to custom built Stroker engines. 

  Thousands of combinations available...

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